About us

Enjoy and relax from a completely new perspective.

We are a Croatian real estate company that builds and sells its real estate directly to individuals. A unique, serious and reliable interlocutor that you can rely on even after purchasing: a solid, steady and continuous relationship that continues over many years.

Those who show us trust when purchasing real estate, make a permanent investment into the future. Our accompaniment and support does not stop when you purchase your real estate, we firmly support you with any future needs. Maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment and the exterior of the buildings, checking up on things when the owner isn’t around, emergency intervention if needed: we have the qualified personnel who will take care of all these necessary activities, freeing you from such tasks.

An additional service we offer the apartment owners at the Lijepi Otok Residence is the possibility of reducing maintenance costs of the apartments by simply renting out the apartment. At times when the owner(s) aren’t in the apartment, they have the possibility to rent it out, and we are here to take care of that. We will find the potential tenants; take care of managing all stages of the contract, and its realization. For each rental, we will review the condition of the apartment and, if necessary, we will take care of all or any repairs in order to keep the apartment in its original condition.


Buy an apartment and be carefree: We will take care of everything. Your home will always be ready to welcome you.

Lijepi Otok Residence is a residential complex built from local materials to better fit the environment. Bright colors in harmony with the greenery from the vegetation and the blue sea create an oasis that you will never want to leave.

Within the complex, you have access to the swimming pool, as well as a solarium that is available to all tenants. However, if you prefer the sea over a pool, you can take a little walk, about 150 m, where you will find a breathtaking beach.

Outside of the residential complex, a whole world of content awaits you: cultural events, entertainment manifestations, natural beauty.... From the monuments in the old town of Pag, through cafes that promise nightlife to all the natural riches in the interior. One thing is for sure - you will never be bored!

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